2001 Graduation Speech

Jessica McCoy

When I think about the class of 2001 I’m reminded of a story that I’m sure we were all told when we were younger; The Little Engine that Could. The little engine struggles and struggles to get over that one hill, and after working hard enough and never giving up he finally makes it. That’s how we are, we’ve struggled for 13 years to get over this one hill. We’ve worked long years starting with broken crayons in kindergarten to inside-out sweatshirts in middle school. 13 years of learning from the simplest 2+2 to complicated algebra and calculus, from reciting our ABC’s to reading Shakespeare. But now we’ve finally made it, and our real journey is beginning. What’s next is up to us. We are the generation and the class that will bring our world further. When the little engine started his journey it seemed overwhelming at first, like us coming out of our small middle schools to this huge high school. Our first day of school I remember walking into every class late, not knowing what to expect, or who anyone was. Then our second day when all the upperclassmen joined us. Scared to walk down the halls, because we had all heard the stories of the Seniors picking on the freshman. When we were freshmen we struggled to fit in at the bottom of the rank and attempted to earn the respect we deserved. Somehow we managed to make it through our first year of high school. By the time we were Sophomores we may not have been completely settled into our own high-school persona, but atleast we knew where we were at, and that first day of school we were still late to every single class, but then we got to tease the freshmen. That was the year of our drivers license and our first jobs. We had started gaining responsibilities and noticed that we were growing up.

When our Junior year came around we were finally upperclassmen. We could go out to lunch, legally, and go to prom. We were forced to think about our future being asked “what do you want to do when you grow ” answering “I don’t know” after of course explaining that we were grown up. It was time to say good-bye to the Seniors that were sophomores when we were freshman, and watch them pave the way for us to follow, knowing that our day would soon come, and sure enough before we knew it, we were starting our famous senior countdown. We finally got to participate in all the Senior events. tryied to raise money for our senior trip, and tried to get people to donate blood for the red cross. It seemed difficult when we realized we had just watched our last game, danced our last dance, and when we walked down the hall to take our last final, thats when it finally hit us that were going to graduate soon.

Right now we all have a legacy that we’ve left here at West High, a legacy developed from four years of walking down the halls, eight semesters of sitting in the classrooms and sixteen quarters of developing our own personalities. We were the anxious freshman, the obnoxious sophomores, the lazy juniors, and now the graduating seniors. But in 10 years, who will we be? Whatever the answer is what we’ve each learned here will remain at the core of the people we will become. So like the little engine, we will have many hills to climb, small ones and big ones. I want you to remember that when things get tough and you feel like giving up, just think of the little engine that could and whisper to yourself; I think I can...I think I can...I think I can....Thank you.