Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

On this section I'm going to discuss how

Abarham Lincoln effected the Cavalryman's Account. Well it began on April

24,1865, when 26 men were chosen to go to Washington to pursuit John Wilkes
booth. During this time Abarham Lincoln was shot at the theatre (fords
theatre). This made the portland journal. There were several men sent to
bowling greens Virginia, on the hunt for the assassinates. the men stood
at a barn several miles from the Royal Port. They signaled the troops to
surround the barn. Booths was in the barn with David E. Harold and he told
the general in command that their plan was to kidnap president Lincoln
not to kill him and that Booth took it apon him self to kill him, he also
stated that if he didn't help him escape Booth was going to kill him as
well. Later the solders discovered that Booth was shoot in the neck by
a detective in the barn. As you can see Abarham Lincoln was assassinated
by Booth for his position but he took the easy was out by death even though
he didn't kill himself but he didn't have to go through the system and
in the other hand Mr.Harold escaped and was not given any charge what so
ever. There are other theories about Lincoln's death and much of them accused

Andrew Jackson because he was never in the hotel room with Lincoln
nor was his secretary and that lead to some sort of conspiracy. Also others
say that the assassination also could have been caused by Domestic bankers,

Financiers and business men, Copper heads, some group of the Radical Republicans
that could have either done it on their own or with the help of Edwin Stanon.

There are even suspicion about the B'nail B'rith and the Nights of the

Golden Circle, as well the major known as Henry R. Rathbone, John F. Parker
and last but not least Mary Todd Lincoln which has not totally been eliminated
from suspicion. Mary Todd Lincoln was Lincoln's wife she married him when
she was a nobody she didn't get in to her profession. Know the suspicions
came because when Abarham got elected in 1860, many justification were
made because of the movement her husband was making, which was making allies
with the African Americans and threats were made and many nasty rumors
were made with were very personal. I guess she had just about enough and
wanted to have and gain her respect back. Her son was death in 1862
drove her even more insane. Then her other son pasted away in 1871 and
she just freaked and all that was in her mind was illusions of murder and
other proverties that drove her mad. And then she died in the house of
her sister, in Spring field where she got married with Mr. Lincoln 40 years

Abraham lincoln really stood for the Union.

At this time the civil war was just going to start because of the surrender
on Fort Sumter about four slave states joined voluntary with 75,000 others
they joined the Confederacy the only other bad out come was that four other
slave states stayed with the Union. For the Conferral group he promised
a Emancipation Proclamation to free all slaves, not all slaves were freed
but many were and the reason for it was because it depended on the state
were they worked\lived because many states were fighting agenist the Union;
nor did it work for the slaves that lived in the south which were already
under the Union control. Lincoln declared the freedom of slaves on January

1, of 1863, from the rebellion of and ageinst the federal government and
showed the world that the civil war was being fought to end slavery. If
it wasn't for the 13th Amendment non of the movement s would have been

Now I will discus the Civil War and why
was the war happened. The war was the war to decide whether the unfined

Union would continue or be shattered forever. This War was the only war
where the Americans became so angre with the legal and political system
and the only way they thought they could have ended and resolve their differences
was by war. I think that the war could have be avoided if they had different
people in power and if the election had better leaders. One of the big
offendsions was the book named Uncle Toms Cabin, the reason for that is
because of the inpact it did to the slaves during that time. THe book was