Animal Farm Interpretation

Animal Farm Interpretation

Animal farm is a book written by George

Orwell, or Eric Arthur Blair, that is his real name, as a childrens book.

The story goes something like this;

The pigs on a farm suddenly realizes that
they are suppressed by the farmer. They, whom are accepted as the smartest
cratures on the farm, decide to take over the farm. They manages to take
over the farm with the help of the other animals. Then they make up some
basic rules(laws) to be followed so that all the animals on the farm can
live in harmony together. Soon they start bending the rules, and become

The book is generally thought of as a masterpiece,
where Orwell has made a social critical book look like a childrens book.

This is supposed to have some connection
with the Russian society during world war 2. I don't think it would be
quite right to compare russians with ignorent farm animals, because not
even in those days could a leader keep knowledge from the people. But there
is alot of the contents which are as the russian community were.

One thing that one can see in everyday
life is leaders that changes the rules to their own benefit as they go
along. This is really a despickable behavior and really makes me sick!

A leader must have strong moral and work for his people, not of egoistic

But in these interpretations, who are to
say whats right and wrong? None of us lived in Russia during those days,
one can only believe the western propaganda, when there are no other alternatives.