Authoritarian Government

Authoritarian Government
in Germany 1871-1914

The Unification of Germany under there
the powerful leader Otto Von Bismark led to the Authoritarian style government
in Germany for the next forty years through his aggressive and sometimes
underhanded leadership qualities. Bismark united Germany too Prussia
not uniting Germany as an equal and fair whole this was the main cause
for this new authoritarian style government. Another reason why is
because of his cunning and outright lying to place the Prussian king, not
to mention himself into the ultimate power and leadership position of the
new nation.

Any country willed into existence with
intentions and means to make one person or group of persons more
powerful than other will obviously turn up authoritarian regardless of
other factors. This is the main factor in the resulting governing
style in the new nation we all know as Germany. Bismark convinced

Germans they were all united only after more land and resources were needed
for Bismark's endeavors than Prussia could possibly supply. Therefore
this shows how he sculpted his way into making the people believe they
had say and actually covered all the necessary clauses in an ingenious
plan to run the country with a strong, relentless, but unrecognizable hand.

He tricked the Germans into believing
everything he did was with good intent with them the people in mind.

This was obvious not to be the case as we now look back and see how every
one of his strategic moves, although attractive on the outside benefitted
him far more than anyone else in the country. For example his suspicious
attitude which eventually led to his downfall was apparent throughout his

His power structure which fell apart when
he blamed Catholics for all problems was built to be authoritative with

Bismark himself riding the wave of power over the crest and eventually
as it crashed onto the rocks, but made a way for the next generation of

German leaders keep their power and grip on the authoritative government
in Germany at this time.