Chapter 30

1. There seems to be an immediate understanding between Scout and

Boo. Why do you think this do so?

The connection start where Heck Tale said if they drag Boo into
the limelight, is like killing a mockingbird. Scout fully
understand the reason not to kill a mockingbird. Scout
acknowledges that this is as much of a sin as killing an inncoent

2. Atticus and Heck Tale have a heated argument. Does either of
them really believe what he saying?

Atticus that Jem was the one who stabbed Boo for self defence.

But Heck said no, he said it is Bob felt on his knife. At first

Atticus thought Heck is trying to cover up for Jem, but later he
realize he is trying to cover up for Boo, since it is necessary
for Boo to kill Bob in order to save the children life.

3. How does Scout assure Atticus that Mr. Tate is right?

Scout tell Atticus that putting Boo into the limelight is like
killing a mockingbird.

Chapter 31

1. When she takes Boo home, Scout understands many things as she
sees the street from this new point of view. Explain some of the
things she "sees" now.

As she is standing in front of Boo place, she realize the view
from Boo\'s place is completely difference. From that point,
looking at their own house, where she see herself playing with

Jem all through the four session. And after all this year Boo
have watch them play, Scout and Jem are kind of like become Boo\'s
children.. when they need help, Boo will be there for them.

2. Describe the feelings you experienced as you read the closing

I have found that Boo have been in a very sad position, where he
watch this kid playing everyday on the street, but he couldn\'t
come out. And he have fall in love with this kid so much that
they are like his children.

But I have also see that when you have look at things in
difference angles, it maybe completely difference, and it might
be a big supprise, too.