Gulf War

Gulf War

The United States was just in sending military
aid to Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War. Kuwait was invaded by Saddam

Hussein and taken over in six short hours due to the lack of strength in

Kuwait’s Army. Once Hussein took control he seized Kuwait City, airports,
army barracks, and oil fields. This left Kuwait helpless and in desperate
need. Therefore, the U.S. invaded after, Hussein’s control of Kuwait for
six months.

The U.S invaded for many reasons; Hussein
was a threat and currently is to the Middle East as well as the world.

He was beginning to build up an arsenal of chemical, biological, and nuclear
weapons, which are very deadly and even dangerous to the environment. If
they are used, they leave harmful waste for many years such as radiation
or hazardous chemicals. He was also dumping oil from Kuwait into the Persian

Gulf because he couldn’t sell it due to embargoes. This was an immediate
threat to the environment. Hussein alone is a very dangerous man and one
of the missions of the war was to kill him. However, we were unsuccessful,
and today he is a huge threat.

Hussein’s control of Kuwait affected the

U.S. economically. All of Kuwait’s oil was in Hussein’s power and the U.S.
was unable to trade with him because of sanctions. Therefore, oil based
product prices raised 50 percent due to the lack of oil and a high demand
for it. The U.S. was also giving financial aid to the Middle East to help
drive out Hussein. These attempts were hopeless which gave the U.S. even
more reason to send military aid into Persian Gulf.

The final reason the U.S. sent military
aid to the Persian Gulf was because of the lack of success of the UN. The

UN made many resolutions and sanctions to drive Hussein out of Kuwait;
however, he was not moving and nothing was happening. It took the U.S,
to send in ground troops. Then other nations followed, and then Hussein
was driven out. Although many nations helped by sending in ground troops,
the U.S. had nearly double the total number of troops that all nations
sent in together. With out the US involvement Hussein may have never been
driven out.

As you can see the U.S. was extremely just
in sending ground troops into Kuwait. Hussein’s actions were hurting the
environment, and negatively affecting the U.S, and the defenseless people
of Kuwait. Without the U.S. intervening in the Persian Gulf War there could
have been horrible outcomes in the Middle East.