Internet Privacy

Internet Privacy: Is the

Internet as safe as everyone says?

As every generation comes they bring with
them a new invention from cars to television to the telephone the basic
existence of man, in my eyes, is to advance both technologically, thus
making life better for us all and also scientifically. Man wants to know
all we want to be able to answer all the questions out there as every day
goes by we get closer and closer to answering some of our questions.

Everyday new cures for diseases are found and also new diseases are discovered,
new discoveries are made in various fields, at the same time however new
problems are arising.

Man in every era has depended on some form
of tool to help him to his tasks whatever they may be, a tool to make things
easier. This tool is technology; technology does not have to be the modern
thoughts of computers. Technology is "the science of technical processes
in a wide, though related field of knowledge." That is the definition given
by The New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary of the English Language.

So technology can be anything as long as it helps us advance. It can be
anything like a plough to help a farmer, a television to help the media
and the telephone to help us communicate. The latest technology of the

20th Century is the Internet and it has placed a great mark on our society.

It is the new "place to be" where business can advance, people can interact
worldwide at the click of a mouse and this has revolutionarily changed
the world. In the world of the Internet there are millions of members worldwide
and that means it is a very profitable arena. In an area where there is
money there are criminals and that is where the modern criminals of the
world are behind computer screens. They may be credible individuals in
society and they could also be credible corporations and organizations
that are finding a quick way to make money and by doing this they are breaking
ethical rules of society (even though it is hard to determine the ethics
of the internet) and one of these crimes is the violation of the privacy
of others.

I have logged on to the internet and have
felt safe, like anyone should that logs on to the net, that I am the only
one viewing my mail or cruising the net, I feel like I am the only one
that knows where I have been and that no one is tracking me. After all
the things I have just mentioned only happen in the movies, they are Enemy
of the State type of things, and it could not possibly happen to you am

I right? Wrong. By holding this thought one is including themselves "in
a large group of consumers, world-wide, who are unaware of the multitude
of information they are placing on the World Wide Web, simply by using
it as it was designed to be used. All it takes is a visit to any site to
place personal information about yourself on the internet. (Buffalo University).

The best way, at least for me, to understand
the Internet is not to view it as a one way street but instead as a two-way
road. The one way view of the internet is that it provides us with information
and entertainment, this is what many people use the internet for and that
is the one way view they maintain though it is not wrong there is more
to it. That is where the two way view comes into effect while an individual
is surfing the net the people that maintain the web sites are also getting
information that information is on you. It is a two way street because
you get what you want and they get what they want, which side gets the
more information is very debatable, solely on the premise on how much you
treasure your privacy.

It is disturbing to know that one can be
tracked all over the World Wide Web just from their mouse clicks. This
may be happening to many of us, our browser alone gives as away simply.

Just from our browser someone who wants to can find out could probably
find out "which computer you are coming from, what software and hardware
you are using, details of the link you clicked on, and possibly even your
email address (" This is a lot of information about us
that we may not want out there. Our browser is giving all this information
out through cookies. "A