My Man

I sat on the beach eyeing the brown haired hunk who sat all
alone a little way away from me. I kept thinking of whether I
should get up and "accidentally" trip next to him. After
pondering this for about 15 minutes, I decided what the heck- I
didn\'t have anything to lose. As I Got up, I glanced over one
more towards his direction, I saw the most horrid sight! Sitting
right next to him, was some blonde haired girl, wearing the
skimpiest bikini I had ever seen! I decided I still wanted to go
and get up, but to stretch my legs, and besides, the water was
looking really nice. I walked to the water, past my man, and I
tried to listen to what they were saying to each other. As I did
this, in all my efforts to look inconspicuous, I tripped and fell
right next to them!! The blonde bimbo looked over at me and
started laughing!! She got up, came over, and said "Ooops! Heh,
that\'s MY bag." Okay, if she had been sincere, fine, I wouldn\'t
have been so mad. But, well, if she had been any more fake, I\'m
sure she would have turned into plastic or something! Anyway, I
got up, brushed off my legs, and with a little "hmph" I walked
off. I sat down by the water and fantasized about how wonderful
it would be if it were me with him. Soon though, in thinking
that, my anguish turned into anger, and my anger into hatred.

Hatred for that mean girl who had what belonged to me! I wanted
to go up to her and hit her across the face and I wanted to show
her who was the boss. I wanted to show her what happens to people
who are rude to me.

In my thoughts, I saw them both running up to the water,
hand in hand, laughing. I sat there, staring at the girl,
wishing as hard as I could that something could perhaps attack
her or something, leaving me with my man. Suddenly, almost as if
someone were answering my prayer, and giant shark came and took
the girl away! He turned and looked in my direction. He then
walked over to me, and took me in his arms, telling me I was the
only one he ever wanted. We walked to his beautiful, sleek
silver BMW Z-3. We drove off, the sun setting in the back of us.

Aaah, if only life was like that. The things I imagine,
well, Amazing is all I can say. After day dreaming that
scenario, I got up, got my things together, and without another
look at the two love birds, I left. Drove home, took a shower,
and went to bed. I realized beauty always is put over
intellectualness. Perhaps someday someone would realize to look
inside a person before the look at the outside.