Quarry Hill

"What are you doing tomorrow?" It seemed I had asked this
question 100 times already during the summer.

"Nothing, hey lets figure something out now, so we don\'t sit
around doing nothing tomorrow morning!" Was the reply I got from
my friend Rudy. My other friend, Tom, jumped up onto the hood of
his 1979 Camero Z-28. This was the unspoken signal that we would
all stay under the stars and contemplate for a while. I decided
to take a seat on top of the back of my mother\'s car. "Well,
what are we going to do, guys?" Rudy must constantly be thinking
of new things because he didn\'t even appreciate the moment of
almost absolute silence. Tom gave a half laugh which said either

"I\'ve got no ideas" or "Rudy is a funny guy".

"I don\'t know, what do you want to do?" I offered to both

Tom and Rudy.

"I don\'t know, what can we do?" Asked a frustrated Rudy. I
looked up to the stars and tried to think. Finally an idea
excited me enough to actually say something.

"I know! Lets go to the Quarries in Uxbridge and go
swimming! I\'ve never been and I hear it\'s a cool place!"

"Yeah!" It was clear to me that Rudy is a quick thinker --

I barely finished my idea before he was in agreement. "Come on

Tom, lets go to the Quarries!" Rudy said to get a response out
of him. Tom -- still in his "quiet mode" -- looked Rudy right in
the eye, blinked, gave a half laugh, and smiled.

"Well, all right. It\'s 1:00am, I think I\'m going to go to
bed now." I was getting bored with the silence, and Tom wasn\'t
going to move into his hilarious mood, so I figured that I\'d get
some rest for once. Tom and Rudy got in their respective cars,
said some final words to each other, and then the silence was
killed by the roar of the \'79 Camero\'s big block 350 engine. I
casually walked into the house, shut and locked the door, turned
off the lights, and went to bed.

The next day I was awakened by the telephone. I rolled
over, sat up, and answered. "Hey, Tom and I are coming down
now." It was Rudy, his voice was lower than normal, so I could
tell that he just woke up as well most likely by Tom knocking on
his door.

"Aight, I\'ve just gotta take a shower, get dressed, then we
can go."

"Aight, see yah in a bit."

"Later, man."

"Later!" I fell out of bed, took a quick shower and then
got dressed. As soon as I flipped on my hat, I went to the front
door. I jumped down the stairs and whipped the door open, only
to see Tom and Rudy standing there with a shocked look on their
face. Tom pressed the doorbell, and yelled "Hello?? Anybody

"Heh.. Wuzzup?" My timing couldn\'t have been more perfect.

The guys stepped back and allowed me to exit. I took one step
outside before I remembered. "Oh yeah, I forgot my bathing
suit." I ran back up and grabbed a towel and my bathing suit,
then flew back outside.

"All right Matt, how do we get there?" asked Rudy.

"Just follow me to Quarry Hill, I know somebody who lives at
the bottom, we\'ll park there." Tom and Rudy hopped into Rudy\'s

1979 Pontiac Grand Prix (It was Rudy\'s turn to drive), as I
stepped into my mothers 1992 Buick LeSabre Custom. I started up
the big boat of a car, turned on the radio, and then we were on
our way.

Quarry Hill is only about 10 minutes away from where I live,
and nothing happened that was out of the ordinary while driving
to the next town over, Uxbridge. We arrived at the top of the
hill, drove down, and parked on a little dirt road. I put the
car in park, rolled up the windows, got out, and locked the
doors. I realized that I was carrying my bathing suit and towel,
and asked Rudy where his were.

"In my backpack, I\'ve got enough room if you want to put
yours in as well."

"Yeah, that\'d be cool, I don\'t want to carry it." Rudy
opened his green backpack and I stuffed my stuff into it.

"Hey, Tom, you\'re not gonna swim?" Tom shook his head and
said "No." I started to walk across the street. "Where yah
goin?" Rudy asked.

"There\'s a path over here, that starts at this Christian
place or whatever. We just have to find it."

"And what if somebody comes by