Roman gods are very similar to Greek gods and mythology. Most of the Roman gods have a Greek god that is very similar or practically the same. For instance, Zeus who was the king of the gods, is equivalent to Jupiter in Roman culture. A lot of the Roman gods were named after planents such as: Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Pluto. You will be able to relate to the Greek gods as well when reading.

Jupiter was known as the king of the gods and also known as Jove. As an infant his mom (Rhea) saved him from being swallowed by his father (Saturn) and took him on the island of Crete. This is were Jupiter was nurtured by nymphs, and fed goats milk. As he grew up, Jupiter was chosen Sovereign of the World. His first act act was to condemn Atlas to beat the heavens on his shoulders. Jupiter had many many offspring due to his numerous affairs including Venus, Mercury, Diana, and many others. Jupiter used lightning to punish his enemies. Jupiter is equivalent to Zeus in Greek mythology. The sister and wife of Jupiter was known as Juno who was the deity of the light and sky. Juno was quick to anger because of her jealousy of her husbands many affairs. She always would look for vengance against Jupiter and his mistressess. One time, Juno became very annoyed with Echo because she was talking too much. Juno then took away her voice, exepct for the purpose of replying. Juno is equivalent to Hera in Greek mythology. The God of War was known as Mars. His chosen animals, which were found on his battlefields, where the vulture and the dog. Mars was the son of Juno and Jupiter and was in love with his half sister. Their daughter was Harmonia. Mars’ emblem was a spear and aqlso a burning torch. He is equivalent to Ares in Greek mythology. Venus was the goddess of love and beauty and conquered every heart she sought. She was married to the Vulcan who was the god of the forge. She had an affair with Ares, the God of War, and fell in love with Adonis. Venus was the daughter of Dione and Jupiter and is said to have been born full-grown from the foam of the Mediterranean Sea. She was the mother of Aneneas who was a Trojan ancestor of one of the founders of Rome, and Cupid. Venus was also known to be as the protector of gardnes and flowers. She had a girdle that enhanced the wearer’s charm. Venus liked to turn her enemies into a rock as a prefered way of punishment. She is equivalent to Aphrodite. Cupid was the god of love. He used gold-tipped arrows to inspire love and he used arrows tipped with lead to produce the opposite effect. He was also the son of Mars and Venus. Cupid was in love with Psyche but he could only see her at night because he spent the day with his mother. Cupid always carried a boy and quiver of arrows. Cupid was same god as Eros in Greek. The virgin goddess Minerva was fair and thoughtfull. She was the goddess of wisdom, skill, and contemplation. She was also the goddess of storms and the thunderbolt, spinning and waving, of horticluter and agriculture. It is said that she sprang from her father’s (Jupiter) mind full-grown and fully armed which made her the goddess of war as well. The crow, cock, and owl were sacred to her. Minerva invented the flute and rejoiced in martial music. She can be thought to be Athena in Greek mythology. Mercury was the god of commerce and thievery. He was the son of Jupiter and Maia and was introduced into Roman religion around 495 BC. His festival was on the 15th of May. He was represented as a beardless youth with winged shoes fastened to his ankles and a winged cap on his head. He was also god of funning and trickery and was the messenger of the gods. Mercury guarded the boundaries and the roads and was the conductor of souls to the lower world. He had a wand, twined by snakes and surmounted by wings, that had magical powers over sleeping, waking and