Seven Causes For Industrialism

Seven Causes

For Industrialism

There are several causes of industrialism.

Furthermore, there are different interpretations for each causes¹
apparent worth. Below, I will attempt to describe my opinions about the
importance for each cause for the seven causes of industrialism.

The United States of America is a very
large, and lucky country. We have fertile farm lands on one end,
mountains on the other, and desert somewhere in between. Our size and location
gives us a great amount of natural resources. That is why I chose Vast

Natural Resources as the number one cause for industrialism. Also, Railroad
building is a result of having vast natural resources.

The vast natural resources that this country
has has given many inventors the opportunity to make great inventions.

This is my reason for having Inventions as the second most important cause
for industrialism. A prime example of my opinion is the fact that you could
not build a railroad, if you did not have land to lay the track, wood to
make the ties, and coal to run the engine. Since the railroad car is an
invention, then Inventions are a cause of railroad building.

Everyone knows that the railroad was an
invention. However, the railroad made money by selling goods to other parts
of the country. Also, the railroad saved money by transporting more goods
for a cheaper price. This is why I chose Abundant Capitol for the third
most important cause of industrialism. Also, having an abundant amount
of capitol meant that you could build more railroads. Another result from
having an abundant amount of capitol was that a person would have more
money, which meant they would be able to have a mobile labor supply.

That is why I chose Mobile Labor Supply as the fourth most important cause
for industrialism.

With a mobile labor supply, it is easy
to get more accomplished and at a faster pace. That is why I chose my fifth
most important reason for industrialism as Rail Road Building. The
government had to protect the rights of the companies that were in the
railroad building business. That is why I chose Government Policies as
the sixth most important cause for industrialism.

Government policies kept everyone who
was involved with railroad building happy. This led to what I chose for
the seventh most important cause for industrialism: Positive Attitudes.

Also, positive attitudes led to more railroad building because of the fact
that people get more accomplished when they have a positive attitude.