Sixteen years old, flunking school, and being humiliated by other peers is a brief description of my junior year. At nine years old is when it all started when I was diagnosed as an epileptic. The doctors walked in and gave me a bottle of little orange pills. I thought to myself, 'just a little pill a day, it cant be that bad' , but I was so wrong. That little pill didn't control my seizures so the medication kept changing. It went to a higher dosage, to a different medication, and finally combinations of the medications, but nothing seemed to work.

As my high school years started, my seizures only got worse. I had a hard time making friends and keeping up in class because of this disruptive problem in my life. I have grown very inward, paranoid to be in a group of strangers, and with a very low self esteem, all because of epilepsy. if only people would be understanding and not so judgmental, it wouldn't be that hard. I've had to face several difficult things in life caused my epilepsy. I had to face the fact that I wasn't going to be able to drive, to be intimate without telling my doctors first, to work a public job, or to be involved in most extracurricular activities. Only one thing kept me holding on and in the right mind, and that was the great Lord above.

My junior year was the worst of all my high school years. i started having 5-10 seizures a day. i missed most of my classes and had a really hard time making up the work. my GPA dropped and i panicked, only causing more seizures because of all the stress. i got to the point that i had to be hospitalized to find out what was going on. the doctors found nothing new as to what was causing the seizures, and they switched my medication again. when i was released from the hospital, i was so far behind in school that i had to be put on homebound.
when school was out, my seizures were still uncontrollable. Going back to the doctor and being hospitalized with a bunch of test, the doctors finally discovered exactly where my seizures were coming from and that i would be a perfect candidate for surgery. within the summer of my junior year i had tons of tests, was hospitalized for two weeks, and went through brain surgery.
i am a senior now, have completely recovered from brain surgery, and am seizure free. i can drive, get a public job, and all the other things I was never going to be able to do before. Everything that has happened to me has happened for a reason and I am here to find out what that reason is. I am on my way to being successful and learning from everything that has happened to me.