The Ideal Dinner (Billy Corgan, Jimi Hendrix, and G. Washington)

If I could invite any three people to dinner, I would
probably choose Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, Jimi

Hendrix, and George Washington. A strange combination to say the
least, but I feel that I could learn a lot from all of them in
the areas of creativity, skill, and wisdom.

I would invite Billy Corgan because of the poetic lyrics in
the songs he writes. He uses majestic words to describe everyday
things and expresses himself beautifully, even in songs that
don\'t sound like they would have good lyrics. I would like to
know where he gets his inspiration. His lyrics do not even have
to rhyme, but they flow together so beautifully, that you do not
even notice. I would ask him about his future albums, projects,
and ideas to gain a better understanding of poetry, lyrics, and
songwriting. He is very intelligent, and I think he has a lot to
share with everyone. His diversity, talent, and his ability to
be ferocious and graceful at the same time would make me want to
invite Billy Corgan to dinner.

I would invite Jimi Hendrix because he was one of the
greatest guitarists of all time, despite his drug habits.

Hendrix was ahead of his time with the music he played. He
introduced a whole new style of rock guitar. His lyrics were
simple and were almost always about love, but his guitar talent
and unique playing style always made up for it. I would love to
have a jam session with him and maybe have him teach me some
things I do not know about playing guitar. It would be a great
honor to learn from a teacher as great as him. A lot of people
would kill for a chance to do just that. His uncanny ability to
play my favorite instrument, the guitar, would be plenty enough
reason to invite Jimi Hendrix to dinner.

My third guest would be much different than the rest. Not
only because he didn\'t play guitar, but for the fact that he
existed a couple hundred of years before either of the other two.

I would invite George Washington to dinner because he was one of
the founders of our country. The Constitution of the United

States and other old bills are so vague, that I do not feel we
have an accurate grasp of what the founders meant for our
country. I would like to pick his brain and find out what he had
in mind for the country that we live in. I think there would be
a lot of changes in this country if he were alive today, a lot of
them, quite possibly, for the better. I believe that the country
is not at all what he intended it to be. I would like to know
his views on God, his knowledge about law, and maybe how to win a
war or two. His bravery, intellect, and wisdom would convince me
to invite George Washington to dinner.