The Jackson Age is characterized by the rise of the common man. Through
hard work and perseverance one can achieve success and the American Dream.

The combination of the Protestant work ethic, ambition, and a little spunk was
what personified the Jacksonian Age. With the common man came the
acceptance and admiration of traits such as boldness, frankness, and
brashness. These ideals of the Jacksonian era are embodied best in Winfield

Scott through both his successful career and his outspoken manner.

Winfield Scott was born in 1786 in Virginia and attended some school.

However, he recieved his real education from actual experience working with a
law firm. The Jacksonian Age also encouraged practical education as opposed
to formal schooling, which is just what Scott did. His military career is probably
the best example of rising from the bottom to the pinnacle of success. He
started out as an ordinary capitain and rose through the ranks to general in just
a few short years. His capabilities enabled him to reach such heights, and his
success illustrates the rise of the common man, the elemental theme of the

Jacksonian Age.

His personality also was a great representation of the Jacksonian Age.

He was bold, brash, forthright, and not the most diplomatic of fellows. Jackson
himself had similar characteristics. Again, these characteristics are inherent in
the persona of the common man. He was often caught saying things about other
people that they found offensive. However, the fact that he was so well like
supports that this type of behavior was acceptable and encouraged. The
characteristics of Scott’s personality are comparable to those of the common
man, who was revered during the Jackson Era.

Winfield Scott, with his brazen and forward personality, was the
quintessence of the common man. His military career proved the American

Dream was possible, the cornerstone to the Jacksonian Age. His ascent to the
top of the ranks, literally, was what the Jacksonian Age was all about: the ability
for common people achieve success and fulfillment. The combination of his
military career and the forwardness of his personality.