The Murderous Miracle: Sherlock Homes - Creative Story

The Murderous Miracle


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Style


I awakened from my morning slumber and groggily entered the foyer
to find Holmes sitting in his chair in a speculative pose while
thoughtfully smoking on one of his many pipes.

"Good Morning Holmes!, " I said in one of my Cheeriest tones, which
wasn\'t very impressive, due to the fact I am not a morning person "And what
wakes you up so early this fine morning?"

"Early?" Holmes replied "Why it\'s nearly noontime, it\'s you who have
been sleeping in! And making an awful racket with that dreadful snoring of

I was struck by a paroxysm of coughing as Holmes\' smoke entered my
lungs, "Noontime? Nonsense, That pipe must be doing more damage than I
thought! It is a tad early for that kind of thing anyway!" said I, a bit
less cheerier than before due to Holmes\' mindless banter.

He only smiled and said "See for yourself,my good man, look through
the window onto the common, and tell me what you see..."

I did as he told, clearing my eyes, and to my shock I saw the
townspeople all about in their daily hustle and bustle which was common to
northern London preceding teatime.

"Well, it appears you are right! People are at work, conducting their
business and the like. I\'m awfully sorry, I\'m just rather irritable in the

"Quite alright my friend, it\'s understandable, tell me, what else do
you see at the window?" Holmes calmly stated.

"Well, Nothing out of the ordinary, as I said before, just..wait!

There is a crowd of people around a car right next to our doorstep!" I

" Is the man a shady character with a dark beard and an umbrella on
his shoulder?" Holmes asked.

"Why Yes! That describes him perfectly! Who is he and how do you know
him?" I asked.

"Well,that happens to be Sir Reginald Chaucer of Pottingshire, and
also one of the most wealthy men in all of England." said he.

"So? What importance is he to us? And why does he happen to be on our
doorstep?" I voiced.

"He happens to be suspected of the murder of one Friedrich Nietzche
because of financial reasons, and is presumably our newest client."

Sir Chaucer was a very strange man, very eccentric, those were the
first two thoughts to enter my mind, even as he was climbing the stairs to
the designated "meeting room". I thought this, not because he was rich, for

I do not like to stereotype a man that way, but as he progressed up the
stairs occasionally he would pause, mutter something to himself, and go on.

Those were not the doings of a sane man. But for every bit that he was
strange, I was ten times more intrigued by this man, and in wondering why
he was here had piqued my curiosity to the highest mark. But as he came
through the door I tried my best to disguise the inquisitive look upon my
countenance and took a seat.

"Welcome!" my friend called "I assume that you are Sir Reginald

Chaucer of Pottingshire?"

"Of course I am! Who else would I be? I do hope I haven\'t come to a
drunken sod and not an private detective. At any rate, I don\'t want to
speak here at all, it\'s too much peasantry for my taste, and I fear I could
not stay here long without quickly becoming nauseous."

Sir Reginald, who obviously had no need for formal introductions,
replied. "Therefore," he continued, cutting off a reply from Holmes "you
will come with me to my estate in Pottingshire whether or whether not it
pleases you to do so."

"But, kind Sir," I interjected "Most of our best work is conceived
right here, and you might be interrupting the detective process!"

"I did not pay you for your own comfort, but for mine! And if you are
the sort of detectives who rely on a certain room for your brain power, I
think I\'ll be looking somewhere else!" Sir Reginald complained.

"Don\'t worry good man," my friend said "It\'s just that Dr. Watson here
is a bit bold for his own good, and I can assure you that such extensive
methods need not be taken," And as he saw the look of astonishment on my
face he cast a discreet wink my way. "If only," Holmes continued "You would
give my friend a few moments to freshen up and get into some proper

"Of course!", Sir Reginald continued, "Do you think I would