the next thing I know she handed me the file.

"So far, its all we\'ve got. Do you have any idea of the number
of abductions we get on a daily basis. Then their man power cuts,
and what have you. It all makes for an increasing pile of work."

I mumbled my "yeah, I can relate" reply, and poured myself
over the file. It contained the usually information such as age,
hair colour, address, etc. nothing out of the ordinary really. I
was just about to hand back and thank her when something caught my
eye. It seemed that the last reported citing of Tammy the police
had was one of in a red pick-up parked outside the local 7-eleven.

To our knowledge the last time anyone had seen Tammy was when she
was at work.

I handed back the file and asked "It says here the last time
she was seen was at 7-eleven."

"Yeah. One of the workers saw her sitting in the passenger
seat of the truck. He thought it odd that the girl was sitting with
the windows up when it was such a hot day outside."

Windows up eh? Could indicate the driver of the truck didn\'t
want Tammy making a scene of anything. I\'d tell my friends about
this info later.

"Thanks for all your help" I said. "Before I go, do you have
a business card I could have? I\'ll be in town for a while longer
and if I find anything out I\'ll give you a call".

"Sure, here you go".


"You\'re quite welcome" she replied. From there she dove back
into the files piled up on her desk.
* * * * *

Jen and Dave arrived at the Hall of records shortly after
four. Upon entering the building, they noticed that was close to

"I guess not many people care about history" Dave remarked.

They made their way down the hall into a room containing the
computer catalogs. Dave having the more experience with computer
systems sat down. The main screen presented him with many choices.

"Let\'s see" Dave began. "What do you say we pick name search."

"Sounds good to me" replied Jen. The question was a rhetorical
one, although Jen must have felt compelled to answer.

Dave typed in "Proton" where it asked for last name and
pressed return. The next display on the screen contained a listing
of five people with the last name of Proton. Not know the first
name of the Proton\'s who own Compu-Tech, Dave decided to print out
the information on all of them.

Returning to the main screen, the next choice was a business
inquiring. Dave typed in "Compu-Tech" and was greeted with a screen
showing all of the information about the business. A print-out of
this information was also obtained.

"Well, I guess that\'s about it eh?" said Dave. "Should we find
out any thing else while we\'re here?"

Na. We can always come back if we have to" replied Jen.
* * * * *

Pete walked in to Compu-Tech and walked around for a while.

Looking at the various IBM computers that were on display. After
a while, an older looking gentleman approached him. The name on the
clerks tag read "Rajiv".

"May I help you" he asked.

"Yeah, I\'m heading off to university next year and was
interested in buying a computer. What can you tell me about them?"

From there the man started spouting off information of
megahertz, memory, and everything under the Sun. Pete was quite
bored with the information being thrown at him. He already owned
a computer and knew everything the sales clerk was telling him.

None the less, he put up with it and let him finish.

"Ok, so this one here is a 386, right?" asked Pete.

"Correct" replied the salesman.

"Hmm, I\'m kind of torn between the 386 and 486. A friend of
mine Tammy Contenda works here. Is she around? I love to hear what
she has to say on this issue" Pete said.

Looking a little flustered and nervous the man replied "Tammy
hasn\'t been in to work since Saturday. I was under the impression
she had gone missing. Hadn\'t you heard?"

"No, I hadn\'t heard." Replied Pete. "Do you know anything
about it?"

"Nothing. Now look. The police have already been in here
asking me questions and everything. Just what\'s your connection to
her?" asked the clerk.

It was obvious form his reaction and tension that something
was bothering him. Pete decided to play it cool.

"Nothing, we\'re just friends. Anyway, thanks for the
information on the computers. I\'ll get back to you".