Vietnam War

Vietnam War

Before the U.S. went to Vietnam, twelve
years before the war started, the French were there, it was their colony.

The French controlled the country. Northern Vietnam wanted to make
their nation Communist as China was probably their influence. The
people of southern Vietnam wanted the opposite. It was a typical tropical
climate in Vietnam. South Vietnam urgently asked for immediate and extensive
help from the United States. As the struggle progressed the U.S. Government
made a decision to send troops to South Vietnam. This was how they ended
up fighting beside the U.S. military. Fighting aircraft and army
helicopters flew to South Vietnam. (They flew from U.S. aircraft
in the South China Sea. Their major objectives were to keep peace
before war erupted. However, keeping the peace did not work.

The battle began, which meant time for three thousand more troops, more
accurate machinery and high radio frequency links.

"The word Vietnam has evoked powerful
and often contradictory images, and the lessons drawn have dictated answers
to the most pressing questions." The Vietnam War occurred roughly
thirty-five years ago. When researching the Vietnam War, one may
expect some confusion. To this day, the United States remains confused
about the war and exactly how it ended. We, as a society and economy,
lost thousands of soldiers and billions of dollars. However, when
viewing the bigger picture, a small outcome of the whole thing. The

United States also gave up a gigantic victory. The Northern Vietnamese

Army won the war. Not only was it a horrible scene but the invasion
capped the nationís eyes and hearts in 1968. During the fight, the

United States military did not know how the South Vietnamese were going
to react to the bombings.

You are maybe asking yourself a question,

"Why or how did the South Vietnamese settle on the United Statesí terms?"

After the Joint Chief of Staff accompanied the city with practice bombings,
the United States troops invaded Cambodia and Laos. The Vietnamese
were not prepared and they could not resist. For a long period of
time, United States troops were finding people underground hiding from
the practice bombings that were going on. On a regular day in Vietnam,
you could hear the sounds of Vietnamese voices in the cool air, everyone
was always busy and life seemed so smooth. If it werenít for the
cheap radios, the workers outside would go nuts, every second you would
hear, "boom, boom, boom!" Bombings began in the morning and
would not stop, sometimes until five oíclock the next morning.

The cities were distracted and Vietnamese people lived like heathens during
the war. In city doorways, there were already homeless refugees lying
around. Army Panchos were made so they could sleep comfortably on
the hard ground. Most of the time, families had lost complete protection
of other family members. Mothers tried their best to huddle
their children and make sure the shelter was good and safe. Many
children relieved their guardians and went into gutters around the city.

Down inside of the gutter was nothing but wild dogs fighting rats over
rotten garbage from the sewage. Most Vietnamese people survived without
food and only a little water. The South Vietnamese were with the

United States military and they made an effort to get food and water from
us. Overall, at the end of this tragedy, over a million troops and
innocent people were dead.

First of all, what were we in war for?

The United States of America always goes to another country to either help
someone with financial problems or to negotiate something with other governments.

We made a big mistake and I hope they have learned from it back in Washington

D.C. One of the most terrible moments that happened during the war
was when the U.S military came out with the technology to sniff out the
human smell. They would put it on the front of helicopters and do
sweeps over the jungles. If they got any human readings, they would
call in the attack bombers, which would drop napalm (Jelly Gas), for total
destruction. This shows the tactics used by the US. The

U.S. was just bombing blind. We are known for taking over land during
wars. In the Vietnam War, we didnít want any part of it at all.

After our soldiers would take over, we would kill everybody and didnít
care. It affected our nation mentally and physically. A big
problem at this point was who was the enemy in this picture. Fact:

"America dropped more bombs in Vietnam than they did in World War II.